Chat Support Services

Boost productivity with back office outsourcing services.

Are you searching for a great chat support agency in Germany to engage, respond or maintain a community of loyal customers around your business? Our professional chat support agents can help you grow your sales and offer the best customer experience.

Why Hire Chat Support Agency?

Offer your customer a personal customer experience

Hiring a chat support company can maximize sales, engage customers and maintain a constant stream of new customers by building higher trust level among customers.

Strategic Benefits of Chat Support

Strategic Benefits of Chat Support

The buying decision in internet is fast. Give your business a boost with personal chat support!
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Convert your website visitors into loyal customers with us!
Our Other Services?

Our Other Services?

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Chat Support

Don’t miss any inquiry from your clients anymore



We offer chat support services to hotels, restaurants, online shops, medical offices, law and notary offices, real estate agencies

Instead of a large, impersonal call center, we at Customerry take care to be able to offer service individually adapted to your company. Instead of mass processing, we have made it our mission to provide perfect support for your callers and to be able to answer the inquiries directly in the best way possible, in order to relieve you at the same time.

Outsourcing costs will vary based on the type,  complexity and size of the project.

In order to track our work we will provide you with access to tools such as:

  • KPI Dashboards – These dashboards will display key metrics such as service levels, average speed of answer, calls in queue, average time to abandon and occupancy rates.
  • Expert Customer Support Supervisors – Supervisor work with the front-line customer support staff on knowledge transfer, maximizing call efficiencies and keeping KPI goals on target.
  • Customer Support Workforce Management – These team members are trained in call flow management and adapting staffing to ensure maximum efficiency of your inbound project
  • Advanced Call Routing – Inbound dialer technology allows outsourcers to route various IVR options to specifically skilled agents or alternate locations for one call resolution and geographic redundancy.

Our teams for Chat Support support are native German speakers and we are located Ingolstadt and Munich.